How To Choose The Perfect Sports Bra – Get The Best Fit For Running Or The Gym!

Take Your Workout To The Next Level With A Comfortable Sports Bra

In this post we are going to give you some help if you are searching for a sports bra.

Whether you are looking for something to wear for your gym sessions or you are running and therefore need something that will support you but also remain comfortable, we will give you some tips to help you get the best choice.

Picking a sports bra is normally an afterthought and far more attention goes into picking the leggings, although leggings are important as we explore when we were having a look at “seamless leggings”, a sports bra is just as important.

The best way to pick a good sports bra is to first think about the activity that you are doing and then select support you need based on the activity.

Sports Brasa

You will normally find sports bras offer three different levels of support:

Low Impact, Medium Impact and High Impact.

The level support that you will need depends on your cup size as well as the exercise that you are doing.

For an idea of the different levels of support you need based on activity:

Low Impact/Support Sports Bras:

As the name suggests these will be very comfortable but will offer the least support. They do have their uses however in some sports and you will normally go for a low support sports bra if you are taking part in yoga, walking, tai chi, lifting weights.

As you can see above the sports and exercises that we have described do not require too much movement or impact. In this case you are far better off having a low support sports bra.

If you feel that you need more support, you can of course go for a medium support.

Wearing a sports bra that gives you too much support if you do not need it will just end up being uncomfortable.

Medium Impact/Support Sports Bras:

These are a great all-rounder, if you are really not sure what level support that you need by going for a medium you will normally be comfortable and have ample support.

Activities that would lend themselves to using a medium support sports bra will be things like circuit training, aerobics, cycling, rowing machine.

As you can see above, support you require does correlate to the activity that you were doing. As the activities above will require or movement you will find that the support you get from a sports bra will help greatly.

Of course, by support we mean that you will have more of a cup-less design that will restrict movement of the breasts can keep you comfortable as well supported during these activities.

High Impact/Support Sports Bras:

As you can imagine if you’re going for a high support sports bra then these are made to give you the maximum support. Some of the activities that would lend themselves to a high support bra are:




These bras work by giving you compression and also support so you are comfortable, and it will help to prevent injury.

How To Get The Perfect Fit For Your Sports Bra:

The very first thing that you will want to do is to know your measurements. Once you have this, the way you pick your sports bra compared to a standard bra is to go for something that will fit a little bit tighter but should not restrict breathing all be uncomfortable.

You should still be able to fit your fingers between the straps on your shoulders, if this is not the case you will find that it is too tight.

If there are wrinkles in the fabric, the opposite is true, and you will have a sports bra that is too big. This is normally down to the cup size being too big.

Spend some time adjusting, as they are slightly different to a standard bra it can take a while to get the right adjustment. Make sure that you are adjust so you are comfortable, and you are aiming for something that is slightly tighter than a normal bra but not so tight that it restricts your breathing.

Why A Sports Bra Is Essential For Running:

If you are considering buying a sports bra and trying to work out whether you need one, one of the exercises where it is an absolute must have been running.

You need to make sure that you have a sports bra for running.

Of course, as you are running you will find that your breasts are moving, if they are not supported it has actually been proven that this can lead to injury and strain it carried out over periods of time.

By making sure that you get a good sports bra and the correct fit you will not only be far more comfortable, but you will also find that your workout is far more effective as well.

Do You Need A Shock Absorbing Sports Bra For Running?

You can also find some high support sports bras that will give you shock absorption. In our opinion, we highly recommend checking out our range of sports bras at and following the guidelines above. This should give you all of the support you need and by spending the extra money on a shock absorbing sports bra you may find that it is just an extra cost that is not needed.

However, if you are using a high support sports bra and it is simply not supporting you enough and you are running then it may be well worth considering a shock absorbing sports bra.

Let us look at some of the questions that come up with sports bras so you can get the right choice?

Picking A Sports Bra Q&A:

Q: Can I wear my sports bra all day?

A: Yes, although we do not recommend it. In fact, if you wear your sports bra all day especially a high support sports bra you can find that it will lead to skin issues and chafing. You could probably get away with wearing a low support sports bra for longer, however we recommend that after you have finished your activities you go back to more of a conventional bra.

Q: What is the difference between high-impact and low-impact sports bras?

A: This will affect the amount of support that you get but it can also make a big difference depending on your cup size. For instance, if you are running many smaller chested runners will find that they have enough support with a low to medium impact sports bra.

Whereas runners with a larger bust size will normally seek out more support from a high impact sports bra.

Q: How can I be sure of getting my correct size?

A: The easiest way to choose your sports bra is to go for exactly the same size as you are with a day-to-day bra. You will notice that the sports bra is tighter however this is simply the design and means that it is doing its job. Obviously, you will want to follow our guidelines above and make sure that it is not too tight but as long as you follow the same sizing you should be absolutely fine.

Q: How long will my sports bra last?

A: A sports bra does not last as long as a standard bra, this is because with repeated washing it will lose its support. So, make sure that you keep an eye on this and when you find that you are not getting the same level support that you were it is a good idea to replace your sports bra.


If you are looking to be more comfortable during your workouts and especially if you are a runner, we would highly recommend that you get yourself a supportive sports bra.

Have a look at our full range here at and we are confident that you will be able to find a bra that will give you everything that you need in terms of support, style and we even think it will help you to smash some of your personal bests!

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