What To Wear For A High Intensity Training Session To Stay Comfortable…

Smash Your Next High Intensity Workout With Our Guide:

If you are taking part in a high-intensity training session, then this post will help and give you some advice on what you should wear. This will help if you find that you are not able to stay comfortable during your workout sessions or if you are looking for more information on what to wear.

We will guide you through our recommended training workout clothes to make sure that you are comfortable and able to smash any workout.

With a high-intensity training session the main focus should be on something that is comfortable but also snug enough to not get in the way.

We will cover each item of clothing and also point you in the right direction so you are able to pick up some training gear from BAEE that will ensure you are able to smash you next session…

Sports Bra:

The main thing you want to remember with your sports bra is to go for a comfortable but snug fit. As you will be taking part in a high-intensity training session - which could be anything from circuit training, cardio bodyweight exercises or even lifting weights if you are exerting a lot of energy and movement then you definitely want to have a sports bra that will keep you secure.

We recommend reading our guide on how to pick a sports bra so you get something that you are able to use that will be able to power you through you work out. It is very important to spend some extra time to make sure that you get a quality fit otherwise you will find that you are uncomfortable.

This can hinder you work out and it will especially do so if you are looking to bring a high intensity.


We recommend going for seamless leggings if you are taking part in a high-intensity workout. These will give you far less chance of rubbing and you can also read our complete guide on seamless leggings and how they help. We also recommend going for a comfortable but body tight fit, this means that they have no chance of getting in the way and it will make sure that you are able to push the limits on your high-intensity training.

If you go for the opposite and get loose fitting leggings, you may be more comfortable until you start to up the pace and then they can become more of a hindrance. Ultimately, you will want to go for your preference, but we recommend a body tight fit and to use seamless leggings as the best choice.

Another area to look at your trainers, make sure that you go for something that is substance over style. If you’re going for a high-intensity training session, we highly recommend that you get yourself a good pair of running trainers. This will give you a lightweight trainer that has been built to be able to take impact but also not become a hindrance on your feet.

You will not have to worry too much about style as it is far more important the comfortable with a high-intensity workout and especially as your feet will most likely be doing a lot of work.

You will also want to go for a lightweight T-shirt or even a vest, this will give you something that will minimise the way and also not become clingy and it will help you with any high-intensity workout. If you prefer your arms to be free, then we recommend going for a vest as well.

You can also read our full guide on picking a vest for any workout to get something that you will be able to use for any high-intensity workout.

The Goal For A High Intensity Training Session:

The ultimate goal with a high-intensity workout session is to go for something that will keep you comfortable and not restrict you while also not ending up with something that is so loose fitting that it will not serve its purpose.

If you are looking for the main things to get right on the list above, we highly recommend that you spend some extra time on the footwear, so you are comfortable and also on the leggings.

If you have not tried seamless leggings, then we highly recommend, and it will help you to have a comfortable workout but also be able to push to high intensity without any problems.

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Sports Bras:

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Seamless Leggings:

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If you follow the above advice, you will be able to find something that you are comfortable with wearing and also something that will allow you to push your next workout to a high intensity without worrying about your workout clothes getting in the way. Remember, as we mentioned above the main thing is to make sure that you are comfortable so always go with your preference, however if you have found your workout gear normally becomes irritable or gets in the way then follow this guide and reap the rewards.

We hope you smash your next high-intensity workout session with the above tips and be sure to visit our full range here at Baee.co.uk…