How To Choose Your Workout Clothes For Comfort And Your BEST Workout Results!

If you are looking to work out on a regular basis then it does help to look and feel good, this will allow you to get better results from your workout. However, as well as looking and feeling good you will want to make sure that you get the right workout clothes.

We are going to give you some tips that will help you and ensure that you are able to get the best workout clothes for you to be able to maximize performance and stay comfortable at the same time.

This will also help you get the right fit which is very important and also get some workout clothes that will last and be worth the money.

You will also have some help if you engage in certain sports and activities that require specific pieces of clothing.

If you are working out as a rule of thumb it will be best to wear something that fits well and keeps you cool at the same time.

Here are some of the fundamental areas to look before you select your workout clothes:

  1. Quality Materials:

It can be very tempting to go and buy the cheapest workout clothing that you can find, especially if you are having to juggle gym membership fees and you want to try and cut down on costs. We urge you not to do this before you look at some of the options that will give you quality materials.

The main thing to remember with the quality of the workout clothing that you are buying is that it will affect far more than how long it lasts. It can affect how the materials will hold heat, it can also affect your comfort if you go for the cheapest workout leggings that you can find, and they end up being scratchy and uncomfortable.

The other thing that you will find if you go for the cheapest option is that they never fit correctly, this can lead to discomfort, and it is a really bad fit this can actually lead to injury as it will restrict your workouts.

When you are considering materials look for a fabric that will provide “wicking”.

This term refers to a fabric that is a synthetic fibre that will allow your skin to breathe, the way this works is by drawing the sweat away from the body.

This means that as you work out you are able to keep your body cooler. If you are involved in high intensity cardio workouts then a good rule of thumb is to go for workout clothes that are made from polyester, Lycra spandex - this will help your skin breathe and allow you to stay cooler during your workout.

If you are involved in far lighter exercise such as yoga or tai chi, you could opt for a cotton blend as that will give you a wider range of movement. The main thing to remember with cotton is that it will not work very well for heavy aerobic workouts as you will find that the material will cling to your body.

Decide on the sort of workout that you take part in more often, then buy your workout clothes as above to make sure that you get something that is comfortable and that will work well for you.

  1. The Fit:

No matter what workout clothes you opt for, you need to make sure that you get the right fit. With certain pieces of gymwear such as a sports bra for instance, it can help to get a comfortable fit. Read our complete guide to make sure that you get the best fit for your sports bra.

Likewise, if you are going for leggings make sure that you read our blog post on seamless leggings as these will work far better especially if you are involved in heavy cardio work.

When you are trying to find the perfect fit, as an overall suggestion you want to go for workout clothing that is loose but not so loose that it becomes slack and heavy.

Some people also prefer form fitting clothing as you may prefer not having the burden of your workout clothes moving around too much, this is absolutely fine just made sure that you do not go for too tight a fit.

The easy way to tell if you have gone for too tight a fit is if the clothing restricts your movement. The easiest way to find this out is to carry out some warm up stretches and if you find that it is very difficult to do and feels restrictive you need to go up one size.

The fit that you select will also be very dependent on the type of activity that you are doing. If you are running or working out on an exercise bike, then you will not want to go for long leggings. If you are involved in yoga, then you might want to go for something that gives you a looser fit and allows you to have more movement.

If you are involved in contact sports or anything that requires a lot of movement for women, make sure that you check out our blog post on how to find the perfect sports bra.


Finally, once you have the above down you will definitely want to go for the style that you like. One of the best things about investing in gym wear and going for quality is that you can go for the style that you like. For instance, here at Baee, if you are going for leggings, we highly recommend that you check out our Black Crocodile Print Leggings. They are stylish, they look fantastic and as they are made out of polyester, they will definitely help you to remain cool during your workout.

We also encourage you to mix up your style, so one day you can opt for the Crocodile Leggings and then the next session you might go for the Snake Print Leggings that look amazing!

When you are ready to tone it down from cardio you might opt for the Peppermint Melange that will give you a seamless fit as well.

The other benefit that you may not have thought about is that you will be able to smash your workouts! When you look great, you are comfortable, and you have a brand-new workout clothes on you will be able to perform your best!

Built To Last:

Of course, you will be able to work out hard and have confidence in your workout clothes if you have gone quality. If you have tried buying cheap workout clothes, you probably already know that they do not survive too many washes.

It saves money down the line by spending a little bit more at the outset and making sure that you get some workout clothes that will keep you comfortable and built to last.


Take a look at the suggestions above and we are confident that you will be able to find some workout clothes that will work for you. This will give you something that you can take to the gym, smash your workouts and feel far more comfortable in. It will also have you looking and feeling great!

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