Workout Essentials – Let Us Help You Get The Must-Haves For Your Workout!

If you are shopping for the best workout clothes it can be difficult to choose. Whether you are getting caught up on the style or whether you are unsure on some of the essentials to go for, we thought we would help you today.

We will cover the essentials and also point you in the right direction here at so you are able to get the gym wear that you need in a practical sense but also something for style as well.

We are going to break this down into the activities that you might be taking part in and then let you know the items of workout clothes to go for.

Before You Shop:

The main thing to think about before you start shopping for your workout clothes is what you are looking for. If you are just doing some light yoga, then you may well go for something that is more comfortable and you may even get away with going for something that is more stylish.

Likewise, if you are just looking for lounge wear or something to wear on down time away from the gym then this means that you do not have to go for any practicality and can just go purely for comfort and style.

However, if you are taking part in certain activities it does pay to make sure that you have some “go to” essentials so you are able to get the best from your workout.

Here are some of the recommendations that we have for you:

Workout Essentials For Running:


We highly recommend getting yourself a comfortable pair of running leggings. If you want more information specifically about this, you can read this post that will tell you how to pick a good pair of running leggings and the features to look for.

For a quick overview, we recommend going for a comfortable fit that is tight but not so tight that is uncomfortable. This will ensure that while you are running you don’t have to worry about getting caught on anything or your leggings snagging. If you are going to improve your time, then this will also help by allowing you to be as fast as possible.

The main features that we think you need to look for in leggings for running is to go for something seamless, this will be far more comfortable, and it means that you will not have to worry about any rubbing or chafing.

The fit on the waist is also important as you do not want running leggings that are falling down so make sure that you look at this is well when you are shopping for leggings.

Another thing that you might want to look at in leggings is something with pockets that will make them better in terms of practicality. Bear in mind that pockets in leggings can be a double-edged sword, as the last thing that you want is your phone to go smashing on the floor while you are running.

So, make sure that if you do go for leggings with pockets that you make sure the pockets are tight enough so nothing can easily fall out.

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Running Or Cardio Essentials:

Sports Bra:

If you are involved in running or high intensity cardio, then another essential is a good sports bra. You will of course pick this based on the activity that you are involved in and can go for various levels of impact depending on your needs.

You can read more about how to pick a good sports bra here.

This is also down to preference as you may prefer running in a T-shirt or vest instead.

No matter what type of activity that you are involved in having a sports bra to hand is definitely an essential and it will give you peace of mind knowing that you are ready for any high-intensity workout.

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Making It Easy:


If you were only going to go one essential that you could use both for your workout and for downtime, we would highly recommend going for a workout set.

This will give you the functionality but being able to pick and choose your style without any problem and it can also work out to be more cost-effective. You can also pick your set for downtime and use this more like lounge wear when you are taking time out, or you can go for something that will give you a great set for the gym.

This is probably the most popular essential piece of workout gear that we sell.

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Something Unique:

If you are looking for something a little bit different that will give you an essential in terms of practicality but you also looking for style was well then, we would recommend a few choices for you.

Reversible leggings:

You can go for reversible leggings and that allows you to break up the monotony during your workouts. You could also theme your workouts based on the leggings that you are wearing for that particular day.

This is a great way to mix up styles in the gym and also allows you to keep the same level functionality from your workout clothes.


This almost got into the essential section that we mentioned above. If you purchase a stylish hoodie, you will find that this is a very versatile piece of clothing that you can use to and from the gym and you can also use this for downtime to keep yourself comfortable.

The beauty of hoodie is the versatility, you can wear this during a workout to stay warm in the cold weather or you could use this as lounge wear or any time to and from the gym.

¾ Leggings:

This will give you a slightly different style and some people prefer these at the gym as you will have no fear of them getting tangled up with your trainers. If you are looking for something that will stay out of the way when you are taking part running, yoga or lifting weights these are the perfect solution.


As you can see above, these are some of the workout essentials that we would recommend, and they will give you everything that you need for the gym. They will also give you a wide selection when you are out the gym as the perfect lounge wear.

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