How To Choose Your Gymwear Set – Stay Motivated, Stylish And Smash Your Fitness Goals In 2022!

Whether you are starting fresh and looking to get fitter in 2022, or you take frequent visits to the gym and you are looking to take it to the next level a new gymwear set is an absolute must have.

In this blog post we are going to recommend exactly what you should be looking for to increase performance and comfort, as well as letting you know of some of the most stylish gym wear sets available.

In a practical sense we will also let you know how the correct gym wear set can improve your work out and have you smashing your fitness goals in 2022.

Let us have a look at exactly what you should be looking for in a good gym wear set:

How To Get The RIGHT Gym wear Set For You:

  1. Workout Space – Gym Or Outside?

The first thing that you will want to think about when you are picking your clothing is whether you are going to be in a gym or whether you are going to be running outside. If you are running outside, take into account the weather and the general conditions where you live.

You will obviously want to pick materials that are a little bit warmer and waterproof if needed.

If you are working out indoors whether you are at the gym or whether you have a home gym area set up, you still need to consider the materials and make sure that you do not have anything that will cause you to get to uncomfortably hot.

This is why it is a good idea to consider a gymwear set as you will normally get everything that you need in the set and there are different styles that you can go for in regard to warmth and function.

  1. Go For Quality!

It can be very easy when you are looking for some workout clothes to cut corners. If you are on a budget, you may be tempted to go for the cheapest leggings or gymwear set. We highly recommend that you do not do this, the money you save on getting a cheap set of leggings will be repaid having to buy another pair as the materials will be awful!

Make sure that you go for quality, not only will this serve you on your work out better but you will also get a better workout knowing you are stylish and ready to rock!

The simple fact is if you go for the cheapest set of leggings or top you will know that you are going to get something scratchy, uncomfortable and uninspiring. If you want to have a work out like a top athlete, the first step is to make sure that you feel like one! So, make sure that you go for quality!

  1. Colours:

When you are picking your gym wear set, go for colours and style that motivates you. You should feel stylish, and you should also be motivated to put your gym wear on and smash you work out!

Another area that is commonly overlooked when you are picking your colour scheme is that colour can affect heat retaining, if you go for something that is black this will hold the heat a little more which makes it perfect for outside, but you may find you get too hot in the gym.

If you are going for a high intensity cardio workout, then red is a good colour to elevate your heart rate and get the blood pumping.

If you are going for more ‘mindful’ workout where you are involved in yoga or tai chi, then you will find neutral colours will be a popular choice for you to increase a sense of calmness and clarity.

By making sure that you spend some time to pick the colour that you want you will be able to gear your gymwear set around the type of workout and the results that you want to get.

  1. Materials:

This really ties in with our second point about quality. If you make sure that you go for quality, then you will find that the fabrics that you get are more comfortable and longer lasting. Make sure that any workout gym sets you buy include cotton, nylon or polyester. You will find that if your workout gear is made up of these fabrics it will improve breathability and comfort.

Also, take into account the type of workout that you will be doing. If you are doing a lot of stretching exercises that require a lot of movement then make sure that you go for a looser fit. If you are doing a lot of high intensity cardio, you will want to go for a tighter fit so your gym wear does not get in the way.

Now we have had a look at some of the things that you want to make sure that your new gym wear set has, let us look at some of the benefits that you can expect:

gymwear set 2

Benefits of Picking The Right Gym wear Set:

  1. Comfort and Style:

You will be able to attack your workout and not feel restricted while being in total comfort. Not only will this improve your workout and the results that you get from your fitness routine, but it will also allow you to get a psychological benefit. The last thing that you will want to do when you are working out is feel uncomfortable about what you are wearing or have something that is restrictive.

By making sure that you get a good gym wear set you will be able to get better results and you will probably want to visit the gym more anyway!

  1. Confidence:

When you are outside the gym you will want to pick clothes that can boost your confidence, nothing is different when you are inside the gym. By wearing brand-new gym wear with something you feel comfortable with you will be raising your confidence levels and your self-esteem.

There are even scientific tests that claim the clothes that you wear can give you positive mental changes.

We all have experienced this - quite simply, if you look good you are going to feel good and this will translate into your workout, the results that you get and your confidence outside the gym!

  1. Less Skin Irritation:

If you have opted for a cheap gym wear set that is completely synthetic, then you are probably going to end up with a lot of skin irritation. Over time, apart from being uncomfortable you may even have to stop working out if you end up getting rashes and itching.

If you have quality workout clothes you will be far less prone to skin irritation. If you currently already have sensitive skin, then having a good set of workout clothes that are quality is an absolute must have!

  1. Less Chance Of Injury:

This is another area that is commonly overlooked. By making sure that you have gym wear that fits and that is comfortable you are far less likely to pick up any injury.

A good gym wear set will give you a stylish and comfortable feel but it should also aid with some protection against straining or overheating.

In short, you will be able to work out far more comfortably and have far less chance of picking up any injury.


As you can see above, one of the best things you can do to make sure that you attack your workout goals in 2022 and start seeing the results quicker is to make sure that you have the right gym wear set.

By making sure that you go for quality, you will be able to get the psychological benefits that will cause you to get better results from your workout. You will also be the envy in the gym while staying stylish and you will help to prevent injury and overheating in a practical sense.

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